Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Christmas at Ashby House Interiors

I love Christmas in Queenscliff. 

It reminds me of the Christmas of my childhood when family, food and peace were the main features of the season.  There is an absence of the craziness which seems to pervade big shopping centres and people go about their Christmas activities in a calm and unhassled way.  You can drive up and park outside where you want to and punctuate your shopping with a good coffee and bite to eat.  If your activities linger on into the afternoon, you can have a stroll along the beach before you go home and maybe a glass of wine and an early dinner at one of the excellent establishments in town.
As Ashby House Interiors our focus is on quality not quantity, glamour not glitz and above all serenity!! We will help select your special Christmas decoration and/or a gift for family and friends and giftwrap all at no charge. 

We'd love to see you over the weeks leading up to Christmas and don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.  Enjoy!!

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